Trump Is Absolutely Tanking Among Suburban Women, Per The Latest Campaign Trail Data


Women living in suburban areas or small cities back President Joe Biden substantially more than they support Donald Trump as the two’s expected electoral rematch set for later this year gets closer, per polling recently completed by NPR, “PBS NewsHour,” and Marist.

The group is a frequent target in political outreach, as seen in some of Trump’s chaotic rhetoric over the years. (“Will you please like me?” he said with that particular group in mind ahead of the 2020 presidential election.) And in this polling, 57 percent of suburban women drawn from a pool of registered voters were supporting Biden, while only 40 percent backed Trump. Mirroring the gender gap often seen in political and electoral data involving Trump, the ex-president and presumptive presidential nominee from Republicans this year had a slight lead among suburban men, though the ex-president’s margin was just two percent.

The Marist polling was completed March 28. Among a more general pool of prospective women voters, Biden also had a massive lead in recent polling done by Quinnipiac University. There, the current president soared to 60 percent of the support, while Trump had just 35 percent, making the Democratic pick’s lead even larger than the numbers in the Marist group of suburbanites. In recent polling from the race that’s hurtling towards November’s face-off, Biden has also seen strong results among young voters and even (sometimes Republican-leaning) seniors.

Polling at the national level comes with caveats for reasons including the electoral college’s role in the eventual process of actually selecting the next president, but the positive signs for Democrats are adding up. Trump’s predictable characterization of polling as supposedly showing his campaign with a commanding lead is inaccurate.