Leading Democrat Knocks House GOP For Ignoring That Trump ‘Just Is A Criminal’


During a Congressional hearing this Tuesday, prominent Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett (Texas) maligned the notion that is promoted by some Republicans that the federal government was “weaponized” against Donald Trump.

“There’s not this acknowledgement that the other guy just is a criminal, ’cause that’s just too hard to believe, even though he currently is sitting in New York facing criminal charges that were not brought by the federal government but instead by state government,” Crockett quipped during the hearing, which was apparently dealing with administrative issues related to the federal government, as highlighted by X’s @Acyn.

As Crockett also referenced, there’s an entire panel currently active in the House devoted to examining the so-called “weaponization” of government — a subcommittee led by GOP Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) and promoting a theory of “weaponization” roughly in line with his politics. Jordan, throughout the current Congress, has investigatively targeted multiple prosecutors pursuing Trump, from New York City to Georgia and in Washington, D.C. In all of Trump’s criminal cases, charges were — like throughout the justice system — approved by grand juries, taking wind from the sails of theories that it’s just political scheming that is driving what Trump faces.

And though Trump specifically claims that there’s involvement in his raft of legal troubles by the current president and his team, there’s a lack of real-world evidence there, too. There’s no proof of some kind of conspiracy to target Trump, conservatives, or Trump supporters. Evidence points instead to detailed criminal cases based on real-world action, no matter how many times that Trump or his ilk want to try crying “Communism.” He’s retained protections and opportunities to be heard throughout these processes that are actually measured, like in fining him just $9,000 for nine findings of contempt amid a high-profile criminal case.