Trump Crashes Golf Resort Wedding & The Look On Melania’s Face Says It All (VIDEO)


Donald Trump must not have much to do on the weekends, and here we thought being president of these United States was a big job. He was spending a couple of days at one of his many golf clubs, interviewing a potential Supreme Court justice or two. Then, he thought it would be a grand idea to do this.

POTUS was at his Bedminster golf resort in New Jersey getting some free publicity on the public’s dime. Was Trump the guy who said that he would not have time for golf?

The part-time president, surrounded by his million-dollar security team, was just hanging out at the club waiting to get recognized – or “executive time,” as he calls it. All of a sudden, a an opportunity that he could not resist presented itself, and Mrs. Trump was not pleased.

The commander-in-chief crashed another wedding, then he kissed the bride without her permission as FLOTUS looked upon the situation. The couple did not say how they felt about the president stealing their once-in-a-lifetime (with any luck at all) spotlight.

Check out the first lady standing inside of the curve of the stair bannister. Trump may not have such a pleasant weekend, after all.


The couple whose wedding the Donald ruined was Gerald Papa and Jenna Buchholtz. Trump used the event to grab more camera time and a lot of patting-the-bride’s time.

One woman was overheard off-camera saying:

‘Oh my god.’

According to The New Century News,¬†Melania Trump was giving her husband the “death stare from afar.” She certainly did not rush over to join her husband and the possibly happy couple.

Of course, this was not the worst thing he ever did to her. Yet, each little gaff, each touch of another woman adds up to an eventual divorce, in most cases.

POTUS  could have at least looked as if he was doing his job. You know, sending out tweets and getting measured for custom golf clothes on his svelt 239-pound body. The White House physician at the time, said he grew an inch taller, too.

Yet, the president probably headed off the worst of Mrs. Trump’s anger by saying he was just living up to an old resort brochure reality. It read:

‘On-site for your big day, he will likely stop in & congratulate the happy couple.’

Still, it might be that the first lady was just trying to injure her husband with her death stare.

Featured Image via YouTube CBS New York.