Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Goes Off On Lying Trump And Rudy Giuliani Like A Boss


While other issues involving the Trump administration continue to unfold, the case against Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is continuing to proceed. He faced raids from the government earlier in the year, and in the time since, a government criminal investigation into his activities has been revealed.

One of the questions that has not yet been answered conclusively in the whole ordeal is whether or not Cohen will flip and cooperate with prosecutors. There are two groups of prosecutors with whom Cohen could, in theory, cooperate — Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and individuals operating out of the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, which is where the investigation into Cohen is based.

As that question continues to hang out there, one of the new additions to Cohen’s legal team — he has, in recent weeks, changed its makeup — went after Trump and his associate and lawyer Rudy Giuliani for shifting responsibility for “telling the truth” onto Cohen.

Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis wrote on Twitter this Monday:

‘Did Rudy Giuliani really say on Sunday shows that Michael Cohen should cooperate with prosecutors and tell the truth? Seriously? Is that Trump and Giuliani definition of “truth”? Trump/Giuliani next to the word “truth” = oxymoron. Stay tuned.’

What Davis may know that the general public does not about lies that Giuliani and Trump are implicated in remains to be seen; as a member of Cohen’s legal team, there’s certainly a possibility that he has become party to such knowledge.

The two of them have plenty of lies in their names already in the public sphere. Giuliani seeks over and over again to discredit the Mueller-led Russia investigation, taking after his boss, who has lied time and time again about bias on the part of prosecutors and about the very evidence prompting investigative action in the first place. Trump claimed, for instance, to have had no part in the delivery of hush money by Cohen to adult film star Stormy Daniels covering an affair between the woman and the man who is now president, but, in reality, he reimbursed his embattled past legal associate. Giuliani himself actually revealed as much during an appearance on Fox.

Now, Giuliani’s strategy has apparently become to go along with the idea that Cohen may cooperate with prosecutors, but it seems as though if you ask Davis, it’s Trump and Giuliani at least as much as his client who have reason to worry and have items they’re hiding — or trying to hide, at least.

Talk about Cohen potentially flipping is continuing this week after the government finally got access to well over one million documents that were seized in the aforementioned raids on the past Trump lawyer. Trump freaked out when those raids took place, using the opportunity to ramp up his attacks on the justice system as a whole.

A long process has ensued in which Trump and Cohen have sought to limit government access to the files, with mixed results.

The full story of any Trump and Giuliani-involved lies the public knows about — and that of any not yet known — could easily come to light sooner than later.

Check out Twitter’s response to Davis below.

Featured Image via Gerardo Mora/Getty Images