Black White Supremacist Holds ‘N*ggers Back To Africa’ Sign & Gets Blasted On Video


StanceGrounded is an activist who described himself as “Trump’s worst nightmare.” During one of the president’s rallies, he protested and found Trump’s people were throwing him out, which was definitely a win for him. Then, he stumbled upon this.

The “Muslim by choice, American by birth, Pakistani by blood” lives in Detroit and is an “educated man of color. As he drove down the street in Tampa, Florida, he happened upon a strange protester at a stoplight.



A huge, man-sized white sign read “Homeless N*ggers Go Back To Africa.” The sign was adorned with a Confederate flag, an American flag, and Nazi flag emblazoned with its black swastika.

As StanceGrounded pulled to a stop at the corner, he noticed that the man behind the sign was black.

He caught the man on video and captioned it:

‘In Tampa Disgusted!’

The driver called out:

‘Hey, Boss Man. Maybe, when I’ll get home, I’ll pray for you, Man. I’ll pray for you Brother.’

The sign bearer called back:

‘Pray for that ugly ass car you’re driving.’

StanceGrounded answered:

‘I got five cars. This is just one of them. But I’m going to pray for you Boss Man.’

Twitter responses ranged from confused to humor to outright anger. Jean wrote:

‘This man and his sign make absolutely no rational sense at all on soooooo many levels. Trump has flooded our Nation with DC swamp waters.’

In another tweet, StanceGrounded showed himself being thrown out of the Trump rally:

‘Trump Kicked me out of his rally…. “Not all Mexicans are rapists not all Muslims are terrorist”!’

Featured Image via Getty Image/Joe Raedle.