McCain Sends Stern Warning For U.S. To Defend Montenegro, NATO From Donald Trump


Unfortunately, there is no clone for Senator John McCain (R-AZ). He fearlessly comes out against each of Donald Trump’s disasters quickly and powerfully. Other Republicans could be one-tenth the hero he is, if only they would follow in the footsteps of his words after POTUS said he might not defend the newest member of NATO, Montenegro, against Russia.

McCain tweeted about how transparently Russian President Vladimir Putin manipulated Trump:

‘The people of #Montenegro boldly withstood pressure from #Putin’s Russia to embrace democracy. The Senate voted 97-2 supporting its accession to #NATO. By attacking Montenegro & questioning our obligations under NATO, the President is playing right into Putin’s hands.

‘#Putin will do anything to shatter the transatlantic alliance. In 2016, he nearly succeeded in overthrowing #Montenegro’s democratically elected government & murdering its prime minister in order to prevent it from joining #NATO. Read more:’

McCain warned the GOP and the rest of Congress about Russia’s threat against Montenegro as “dead serious” in his farsighted USA Today article:

‘Most disturbing indication of Putin’s violent ambitions is what happened in October 2016 in the small Balkan country of Montenegro, when Russian intelligence operatives plotted to overthrow the democratically elected government of Montenegro and murder its prime minister. Why would Putin go this far? Russia viewed Montenegro’s pursuit of European Union and NATO membership as both insulting and threatening.’

The Arizona senator urged Congress to quit looking through “the warped lens of politics” and:

‘See this attack on our democracy for what it is: just one phase of Putin’s long-term campaign to weaken the United States, to destabilize Europe, to break the NATO alliance, to undermine confidence in Western values, and to erode any and all resistance to his dangerous view of the world.’

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