Trump Just Backed Putin Over U.S. Intel Again On Wednesday Afternoon Television (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s cabinet members sat around him looking extremely uncomfortable as he took questions from reporters. These were same men who urged him to modify his comments as he stood with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. There, the U.S. president said he trusted Putin more than his own intelligence.

‘Trump: “There has been no president ever as tough as I have been on Russia… President Putin knows that better than anybody, and he’s not happy about it.’

They watched the commander-in-chief in real time throw his support once again behind Russia when asked by a reporter if Putin’s country was still targeting America’s elections. Trump said “no:”

‘No president ever as tough as I have been on Russia.’

He pointed to the U.S. sanctions on Russia and the removal of alleged Russian spies from the nation. Never mind that he refused to implement sanctions that Congress put into law:

‘(Putin) understands it, and he’s not happy about it.’


Trump’s own National Intelligence Director Dan Coats said previously that the warning lights about cyber threats to the country were “blinking red” similar to the “blinking red” signals prior to the 9/11 attacks.

The U.S. intelligence agencies said Russia definitely interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking into the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Party. In addition, a Russian spy who infiltrated into the NRA (National Rifle Associated) was just arrested and indicted.


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Featured image is screenshot via YouTube.