Right-Wing Extremist Flicks Lit Cigarette At Someone & Gets A Perfect Dose Of Karma


What you wear is what you are? According to a Twitter post, a guy wearing a Fred Perry polo shirt, worn by a far-right Proud Boys organization got in big trouble over it. Then again, maybe it was his attitude.

He was walking with his girlfriend in a mid-town Kansas City night scene when a bearded guy yelled at her about her date’s shirt.

‘Do you realize what his shirt is?’

That was when the Proud Boys shirt wearer flicked his lit cigarette at the man’s head. Then, sparks flew. The bearded guy went after the Proud Boys man.

At first, it appeared that the fight was going to simply be a couple of non-athletic types dancing in a circle, each trying to pull off the other’s shirt. The gathering crowd cheered them on, and they kept at it as the man’s girlfriend tried to stop the fight.

Finally, the bearded man managed to throw a few punches. Then, he walked away. The Proud Boys guy stood there a moment in his now ragged shirt. His anger seemed to build, and he charged after the bearded man.

At last, the onlookers broke up the fight and pulled him down the stairs instead.

Even after having his shirt ripped off, the man comes back and tries once again to punch the bearded man — by onlookers stop him and drag him down the stairs instead.

Twitter world took off. Check out some of our favorite tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via BoyOh’Boii Twitter Page.