Trump Just Announced His Schedule For This Week – Prepare To Be Furious (DETAILS)


Rather than stay in Washington and deal with the important things, like making sure his SCOTUS pick is, in fact, innocent (he’s not) of being a sexual predator, our so-called “president” has decided to kick off his Saturday with a week of rallies in places that he deems “friendly.”

It’s just another state, another rally for this guy while his entire administration implodes. It won’t be before his eyes, though. He’s leaving to avoid backlash from his party after he ordered an FBI investigation into Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

What a coward he is to leave at such a volatile time. Republicans will likely (hopefully) lose the majority in Congress during the midterm elections which are just a little over a month away.

We all know Trump hates to work, so he’s probably trying to deal with his failure with golf by day and rallies by night, but the scary part of this is that he is going to states that will likely help him unseat Democrats this November.

According to Reuters:

‘Trump travels first to Wheeling, West Virginia, on Saturday, where Republicans are trying to unseat Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, one of a handful of senators seen as key swing votes that will determine Kavanaugh’s appointment.

‘Trump will then hold evening rallies in Johnson City, Tennessee, on Monday; Southaven, Mississippi, on Tuesday; Rochester, Minnesota, on Thursday; and Topeka, Kansas, next Saturday.’

If that’s not a calculated list of states, I don’t know what is. Every one of them will support his SCOTUS pick and it’s pretty convenient that this trip of his just happens to be taking place during the week he’s allowing for an investigation.

Featured image via YouTube