Iowa’s Top Newspaper Delivers Major Blow To GOP Election Chances


Political people have begun to flock to Iowa. It has been the epicenter for Democratic and Republican candidates with an eye toward the presidential elections in 2020 as with all the previous ones. That has given Iowa’s biggest newspaper, The Des Moines Register, a tremendous amount of power. The newspaper just came out and bludgeoned one political party.

The Republican party has managed to turn itself into something unlike anything that resembled the Grand Old Party (GOP). In that version of the party, senators carried themselves with dignity and the important ability of working across the aisle. Think Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the previous Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and the Party of Eight, who represented the best of both worlds.

The Hill Reporter’s Editor Brian Krassenstein tweeted the breaking story about The Register’s plan to go full-out Democrat for the 2020 presidential election. That meant no Donald Trump support in the first state’s primary election. Krassenstein tweeted:

‘BREAKING: Iowa’s biggest newspaper the Des Moines Registry just endorsed ALL DEMOCRATS, writing “give Democrats a chance.”‘

The Register’s editorial board released a blistering editorial against the new Grand Old Party and all of its Republican candidates. Ever since that side of the aisle jumped onto the Trump bandwagon, the party has self-identified with what has become known as the Trump Party. In it, a person has been either with Trump or his enemy.

The Iowa newspaper noted that the Republicans have so moved away from the party of Lincoln, that all of them must be voted out of office. That will give the GOP members, who were up for election during the midterms, time to step back and remember who they are supposed to be.

The Register’s editorial board gave five basic reasons for going full Democrat:

  • ‘The Republican majority in Congress tried and failed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without offering a plan of their own that a majority of their own members — let alone a majority of the American people — could support.’
  • ‘Republicans in Congress have not only failed at comprehensive immigration reform, but their action (failed DACA)…They looked the other way as the administration shocked and dismayed the nation by separating young children from their parents at the border, holding them in detention and losing track of some of the kids.’
  • ‘Republicans promised fiscal responsibility…The 2017 tax cut, is projected to add $1.9 trillion to the debt…the House GOP, including Iowa’s three Republican representatives, voted last month for another $3.8 trillion in tax cuts (for the top one percent and corporations).
  • ‘The Republican(s allowed) President Trump (to start) a trade war with China, imposing tariffs, and provoking retaliation that is hurting Iowa farmers by threatening export markets…(they) have even allowed the Farm Bill to expire.’
  • ‘Failed to act as a check on the president (and) key Republicans have been complicit in trying to obstruct and undermine the investigation of a foreign power’s interference in a U.S. election. And by their silence they have tacitly endorsed the president’s racism, misogyny, white nationalism, divisiveness and crudity.’

To view the entire Des Moines Register, editorial, click on this link.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.