Eric Trump Busted In Blatant Lie On Fox & Friends & It’s Awkward (VIDEO)


Lying must run in the Trump family. President Donald Trump has faced steep criticism over his lax handling of the apparent Saudi murder of a dissident journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. That criticism has included scrutiny of the president’s business background, which includes connections to the Saudis. Eric Trump, though, in an appearance this week on the infamous Fox & Friends, claimed there to be absolutely no Trump family business connection to the Saudis, even though there is.

Host Brian Kilmeade led into the issue by claiming on the one hand that all Trump wants is for the Khashoggi investigation to play out. Additionally, he added, critics of the president point to the Trump business as a key piece of evidence in their case that the president is suckering up to dictators. He wanted Eric’s take, considering he helps run the family business alongside brother Donald Jr. in their father’s absence.

Eric asserted:

‘There’s zero investments in Russia, there’s zero investments in Saudi. We have absolutely nothing to do with those countries. ‘

Watch below.

The problem is though — the Trumps do have something to do with those countries. Trump has pursued the possibility of a Trump Tower Russia for years, all the way until deep into the 2016 U.S. presidential election season. Along the way, the Trump family business empire has benefited majorly from repeated Russian patronizing. Eric himself acknowledged this just four years ago, asserting the Trump Organization has “all the funding” it needs from Russia.

As for the Saudis, they’ve poured mass amounts of money into Trump hotels just in the past two years, since Trump Sr. entered office as president. They were alone responsible for 13 percent of the bookings at Trump’s NYC hotel for the first three months of this year, and last year, lobbyists on assignment for them spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the D.C. one.

The Trump-Saudi business relationship stretches far beyond that, too, including a past Saudi purchase of literally an entire floor of Trump World Tower.

Eric, though, insists there’s nothing to see here.

He ranted on:

‘By the way, my father’s been tougher on Russia than probably any human being in the world. That’s what happens when you give offensive weapons to Ukraine — Obama never did that. That’s what happens when you promote American energy — you take away their largest financial stream, which is oil. Oil and gas is what built Russia — and all of a sudden, we’re saying how about you buy American oil. We’ve got a lot of great oil workers, we’ve got a lot of great energy in the U.S. We’ll supply all the energy you could possibly need — don’t buy it from Russia.’

Excuse us while we laugh, Eric.

Donald Trump has not been tougher on Russia than “any other human being.” He’s kowtowed before them on the world stage time and time again. His administration has imposed sanctions, sure, but that’s not new as a strategy, and it doesn’t erase Trump acting as Russia’s errand boy whenever he can.

The world continues to languish under the weight of the corruption Eric Trump is sure just doesn’t exist.

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