Trump Spends Entire Election Day Retweeting His Old Posts In Bizarre Display


On Tuesday, Donald Trump cleared his presidential schedule to keep an eye on the midterm results as they come in, but it seems he’s spending the day issuing endless retweets on his favorite social media platform. Of course, all of his retweets are his own posts.

He’s focused mostly on retweeting insults at Democratic candidates. Andrew Gillum is corrupt and loves crime. Joe Donnelly is improperly influencing the vote like Russia did (although Trump did, at least, finally admit that Russia influenced voting), Bill Nelson never calls Trump, Claire McCaskill is too liberal, and Krysten Sinema is inviting undocumented immigrants into Arizona.

Of course, he also retweeted that infamous post in which he threatened voters by insisting that voter fraud is rampant and that police will be arresting people at the polls.

For contrast, President Obama’s single tweet of the day encouraged voting and focused on actual issues, like health care, gun safety legislation, reproductive health rights, equality, and climate change.

Despite Trump’s brutal rally schedule, which he has used to make appearances supporting Republican candidates by talking about a migrant caravan that’s more than a month away from the border and is expected to include people applying for asylum (which is legal), does not appear to have been as effective as he would like on generic congressional ballots. Currently, American voters support Democratic congressional candidates by a margin of nearly nine points.

Today’s vote, for many, is a chance to reject Trump’s racist fear-mongering, xenophobia, and sexism.

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license