Kellyanne Hilariously Dumbstruck On-Air When Reporter Informs Her Of W.H.’s Acosta Attack


Donald Trump apparently leaves his top team out of his plans of action. It seems, he prefers to break news live on Fox News. The Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway certainly had to think fast on her feet when she learned of one of the commander-in-chief’s latest, ill-considered moves.

Standing on the White House lawn, Conway met a group of reporters and offered them a few moments of her time. Imagine her surprise when Fox News’ Bill Hemmer clued Conway into the president’s news, according to YouTube.

‘Is that reporter allowed back in the White House? I was given a note an hour ago the White House made a preliminary decision to suspend the hard pass for Jim Acosta again. Are you fighting this?’

Conway had not heard this latest news, and the responded truthfully:

‘I’m not aware of anything happening in the last hour. I would have to talk to the press shop about that. Obviously it was reinstated. He came here.’

The White House head of communications and press secretary sent Acosta a letter indicating that when the U.S. judge’s ruling to temporarily let the journalist back into the White House ran out, they would act. The restraining order was set to expire after just 14 days.

Hemmer continued with his question. He asked the counselor to the president whether CNN White House correspondent, Jim Acosta back into the White House. A judge temporarily reinstated them, after Trump set Acosta up, then pulled those vital credentials. Hemmer’s next question was whether the White House would let Acosta back inside.

CNN has filed for an emergency hearing after it learned on Fox News that Trump intended to revoke the journalist’s credentials as soon as the emergency restraining order expired after 14 days, according to The Fremont Tribune

Conway answered the press, noting she would “want to broaden the conversation” to the “White House press corps and freedom of the press,” YouTube reported:

‘I don’t know that answer. I’ve got somebody from the press shop standing here. I don’t know that answer, but I want to broaden the conversation out to the White House press corps and freedom of the press. The president is right nobody likes the First Amendment more than he does. He sends us out here to talk about that and I’m on TV almost every day trying to talk about policy.’

She continued talking to the reporters, saying “Everybody will leave at some point:”

‘Look at last week. All the coverage, Bill, was about who works here, not the work that is done by the people who work here. Are we not interested in policy and in what goes on here and the many different things that happen through the cabinet rather than who is in the Cabinet or who’s up and who’s down? I guess eventually everybody will be, right? Everybody will leave at some point, including the president six years from now. Isn’t there the least bit of shame that the headlines and the Twitter explodes about palace intrigue? It’s really silly.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.