Teens Caught On Video In Stomach-Turning Racist Rant About Lynchings


With hate crimes up drastically since the election of Donald Trump, yet another shocking video of racist rants comes as little surprise. A video that went viral on Twitter, however, is more than a little disturbing due to its source, two high school boys in North Carolina.

Warning: the video is explicit and offensive.

In a profanity-laced rant, the boys made statements like “lynch them all,” “put them back in the fields and teach them a lesson,” made comments about food stamps and rap music, and used the n-word multiple times in the video.

The video made its rounds on social media before coming to the attention of Northwest Guilford High School officials in Greensboro, North Carolina. A local CBS News affiliate reports that:

‘Guilford County Schools was made aware of the video circulating on social media over Thanksgiving weekend. The school system called in the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) to give a training on Monday in response to the video. The training is for both students and staff.’

In a statement to local news reporters, Chief of Schools Tony Watlington said:

‘We’re working closely with our diversity office and National Conference for Community and Justice to provide training for both staff and students so we can make sure all of our campus is a place people can feel comfortable and inclusive and that are harassment and discrimination free.

‘The students have been appropriately disciplined according to our code of conduct. We also believe that kids who make very bad choices can change and can make improvements and we think it’s the role of adults to help kids make those improvements.’

Featured image screenshot via Twitter video

H/T: RawStory