McCain Opens ‘The View’ With Lipstick On Her Teeth Like A Linebacker


The political world continues to rock thanks to the currently unfolding partial federal government shutdown, and as high profile political personalities continue to adjust to the shifting tides, The View‘s Meghan McCain is attracting attention for another reason — appearing on her show with apparent lipstick on her teeth. Some noticed the apparent errant makeup after The View came back following New Year’s.

For the first week of 2019, the hosts on the show have grappled with some familiar issues, including the aforementioned shutdown and the dramatic shift in power in Congress. This Thursday, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi formally became the House Speaker a couple months after her party scored some 40 new House seats from across the country. She and her fellow Democrats have insisted that they will be pressing for increased oversight of the Trump administration and using their newly gained legislative power to push that aim.

The shutdown that she and other government leaders have been tasked to deal with stems from President Donald Trump’s refusal to approve any funding without the money he wants for a border wall included.

McCain has attracted scrutiny during her time on The View for her outspoken conservative viewpoints, insisting this week that there is a real threat to security that Trump’s border security proposals address, although there’s a glaring lack of evidence to back up that claim. Terrorists are not apprehended at the southern border at anywhere near the rate the Trump administration has claimed, and although there have been instances of undocumented immigrants committing heinous crimes in the United States, to explicitly suggest that those examples say something about the group as a whole is ludicrous.

Many have complained that McCain is continuously aggressive on The View in defending her viewpoints — including even her co-host Joy Behar, who got into it with her so intensely at one point late last year that the live feed was cut. Behar insisted that she’d quit the show because she was tired of McCain’s antics.

She’s attracted attention outside of her show through means including offering a direct repudiation of Trump’s views while speaking at the funeral for her father, the late U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.). She insisted that America has “always been great,” which contrasts strikingly with Trump’s longtime campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Trump — ever attuned to anyone who dares dissent with his position — responded to McCain by shouting his campaign slogan on Twitter for the umpteenth time — because that’s what presidents do these days, apparently.

In other words, noticeable lipstick on her teeth proves among the least of her notoriety drivers.

She’s ranted against her opponents before plenty of times, openly unable to comprehend the self-described democratic socialist mindset pushed by figures like new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). Ocasio-Cortez and those aligned with her push concepts like broader public health coverage, a renewed commitment to making the economy “green” and the like — and whether McCain likes it or not, those concepts continue to gain headway. Ocasio-Cortez was among a number of new members of Congress to take their seats this week.

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