Sarah Sanders Just Got Embarrassed On Fox News & Her Reaction Is Hilarious


The Trump administration is continuing its free fall. They’ve mired the United States in an ongoing partial federal government shutdown because President Donald Trump refuses to approve any funding if he doesn’t get what he wants for his border wall, and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders continues to stand right by him. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday this weekend, she pulled out all the stops in her attempt at defending her boss’s position, although it didn’t exactly go well.

Host Chris Wallace pointed out to her that there remains no evidence that terrorists threaten the nation’s southern border, and she had nothing concrete to point to as support for the administration’s stance that we should still be concerned anyway.

She has personally previously lied on national television that authorities apprehend some ten known or suspected terrorists at the southern border every day.

As Wallace pointed out when she mentioned the approximate number of such individuals trying to make it into the U.S. a year:

‘You know where those 4,000 people are captured? Airports! The State Department says there hasn’t been any terrorists that they’ve found coming across the border from Mexico.’

He went on to ask her about Trump’s recent assertion that he was open to declaring a national emergency in order to try and use executive power to get his long sought border wall built:

‘How serious is he about that? Has the White House drafted an emergency order, a resolution that he could announce tomorrow — we’re declaring a national emergency, we’re going to build the wall? Has he set a deadline for when he’s going to end talks and simply say I’m going to go off on my own and do it?’

Sanders — seemingly unable or unwilling to take tough questions, which is literally her job — whined:

‘That’s a lot of questions’

Wallace explained:

‘Well, three — it’s all the same question, which is how serious is he? Is he really prepared to go off on his own and use money that was authorized for military construction and build a wall instead?’

Sanders insisted:

‘The president is prepared to do what it takes to protect our borders, to protect the people of this country. He knows the number one job he has as president and commander-in-chief is to protect its citizens, and if he doesn’t take that seriously, whether it’s at our southern border or whether it’s from terrorists coming from whatever way they come, or any other place that people come to do harm to Americans, than he is not going to be the president that he knows himself to be.’

Watch below.

In that surprisingly revealing commentary, she let on that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was right. This fight over the wall is a “manhood issue” for the president, as he continues to fight on all fronts to protect his ego/self-perception/public image because apparently that’s somewhere near the most important thing here.

In reality, it’s not. As Trump continues to refuse to approve any government funding and blame Democrats for his failures, hundreds of thousands of government workers continue to face indefinite periods of no pay, and other Americans stand poised to suffer too through means like indefinitely delayed tax refunds and food stamps.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the video