Fmr. RNC Chair Lights Up Trump On National TV Like A Champ (VIDEO)


Tuesday night, President Donald Trump will address the United States on the supposed ongoing crisis at the southern border, but those who’ve followed his statements for any period of time are expecting him to trot out familiar nonsense fantasies. That group includes Republican National Committee chairman turned MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele, who early Tuesday completely dismissed the content of the president’s speech hours before it even aired.

Explaining his take, he insisted:

‘Lies, lies, and more damn lies. That’s what we’re going to hear. What I’d like to hear is the president give an honest assessment of our current situation, which is we are not in a crisis. This is about getting something he wants that the Congress is not willing to give him. This does not call for a national primetime speech… There is no caravan emergency. There’s no emergency now. That’s the truth of the situation.’

Trump has continuously insisted otherwise, claiming, for instance, that migrant caravans attempting to make their way to the southern border over recent months constituted an “invasion.”

In reality, the groups were just collections of people seeking asylum, which individuals fleeing violence have done and continue to do and poses no special threat to the security of the United States. They’re not bringing crime, drugs, and whatever else the president dreams up just because a comparatively very small group of immigrants have committed heinous crimes inside the United States at one point. It’s not as though you see the Trump administration calling for a ban on white people entering the country every time one of them commits a heinous crime.

Yet, they still continue on with their clearly reality-disconnected stance anyway. The Trump team has claimed, for instance, that the southern border is vulnerable to terrorists, but there remains no evidence that terrorists have ever successfully used the United States border with Mexico to enter the country illegally. Still, individuals as high profile as Vice President Mike Pence have pointed to skewed figures about the number of “known or suspected terrorists” that U.S. authorities have encountered at all ports of entry to justify a southern border wall.

During his time on MSNBC this Tuesday, Steele blasted Pence for another lie, bemoaning the fact that the vice president of the United States had reduced himself to bending over backwards to cover for Trump’s blatant lie that he’d spoken to former presidents who expressed support for his border wall proposal. In fact, every single living ex-president has insisted they are not behind the project, although the vice president defended Trump’s claim otherwise as based on an “impression.”

That’s but one example of many Trump team lies.

The president has insisted that he’s willing to have the government remain shutdown for months or even years over his refusal to approve any funding without the billions he wants for his wall.

NBC, CNN, and CBS will all carry a Democratic response to the case Trump will attempt to make to the nation for his lies-driven shutdown Tuesday night.

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