Trump Wakes From Pelosi Night Terror & Has Wednesday Morning Public Meltdown


Trump may have stolen “Make America Great Again” from Germany and Ronald Reagan, but the new 2020 slogan could have been written by Trump himself. It encapsulates all his racist messaging into a one-liner even a kindergartner could remember, so surely Trump’s supporters will love it.

It doesn’t matter how many times that Trump and his supporters are told about the reality of crime rates and illegal immigration rates. They’ll now be chanting Trump’s too-immature-for-Dr-Seuss slogan throughout the 2020 elections as if it’s the most clever idea ever.

Image via PolitiFact

Both crime and illegal immigration are at decades-long lows. Sanctuary cities, a favorite whipping boy of Trump and his administration, do not have higher crime rates. Trump knows this because he has access to a national security department, stacks of data and research, law enforcement studies, and endless experts in the field. His supporters want brown people demonized, though, so that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Trump loves to brag about his accomplishments (most of what he brags about aren’t accomplishments and the ones that are aren’t his accomplishments), but what he really has excelled at as president is knowing exactly how to tap into the worst of the Republican Party for his own political gain. The only real shocker in Trump’s new slogan is that the GOP is still willing to stand back and let him destroy them.

Twitter didn’t seem all that impressed with Trump’s latest efforts at riling up his racist fanbase. See some of their comments below:

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