Trump Tweets Racist Message One Day After New Zealand Attack


Little will stop President Donald Trump in his anti-immigrant crusades — not even a terror attack targeting New Zealand Muslims that left 49 dead and many more wounded. This weekend, he touted his veto of a Congressional resolution cancelling his national emergency declaration over the nonexistent crisis at the southern border with a new recap video via his personal Twitter feed.

Trump asserted:

‘Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution and I have the duty to veto it, and I’m very proud to veto it, and I’m very proud, as I said, of a lot of Republican Senators that were with me. And I’m also very proud of the House — the Republicans in the House voted overwhelmingly in favor of a secure border.’

The House Republican caucus did no such thing. In fact, they voted in favor of allowing President Trump to bypass the legal mandate for Congress to control government funding and use billions of dollars to construct what at best is a temporary fix to a nonexistent problem that ignores real issues at the border, like the spike in asylum seekers fleeing violence. There are numerous ways to achieve border security that do not include a wall trying to literally just push the issue somewhere else. Border security is not what was on the agenda.

Trump can tout the support of Congressional Republicans all he wants, but that doesn’t erase the fact that enough of them jumped ship in the Senate for the resolution cancelling his national emergency declaration to pass with a solid majority. Next, court battles over the resolution will be continuing to proceed while the Trump administration continues to base an effort with a price tag of billions of dollars on data that quite simply, does not exist. There are no comparatively exceptionally high crime rates associated with undocumented immigration. Trump freely claims otherwise in the face of clear evidence, like that most of the drugs that pass over the southern border come smuggled through legal ports of entry.

What would the wall have done to prevent a strawberry truck driver who was trying to secretly haul over $12 million worth of meth into the U.S. in February? Nothing, that’s what.

Trump conveniently refuses to incorporate that issue — and similarly skips over the part of his Friday veto remarks where he calls undocumented immigration an “invasion,” utilizing the exact same anti-immigrant language as the New Zealand shooter.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot