Michelle Obama’s Book Just Broke Records – Trump Seethes


If Republicans were hoping voters had tired of Democrats ahead of the 2020 elections, they should think again. The new memoir from former First Lady Michelle Obama has sold a stunning nearly 10 million copies around the world and counting since its launch last November, according to the publisher, Penguin Random House. Executives at the company said they “believe this could be the most successful memoir in history,” flying past purchase rates for a whole array of similar works.

For reference, CBS reported in 2016 that Trump’s inaugural book The Art of the Deal had sold some 1.1 million copies. His 2016 campaign book Crippled America‘s sell count only reached the hundreds of thousands in the months following its release, at least in its physical format.

Michelle Obama launched Becoming with a media and book tour that attracted massive audiences — and is still going. This spring, she will be hosting her fans on a number of further dates across Europe and the U.S., where she will be stopping in venues with capacities easily in the tens of thousands. The conversations that the tour will be hosting will include a wide array of famous faces, from television hosts Rachel Ray and Stephen Colbert to former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and journalist Isha Sesay.

At numerous junctures, the current administration has lambasted the Obamas, insisting they inherited a mess that they’ve been tasked with cleaning up. In reality, the positive economic indicators that have rocked the nation in the past number of years got their clear start under the Obamas, millions of people have health coverage who might not otherwise thanks to their work, and the list could go on and on.

Their legacy’s impact on the Democratic Party’s choice for who takes on Donald Trump come 2020 has yet to manifest, although many believe that Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden could soon throw his hat in the ring. Trump has already derided Biden as a “low IQ individual” — but if the massive world tour Michelle Obama is continuing this spring is any indication, the public isn’t exactly on his side en masse. Approaching the title of best-selling memoir ever is not something that happens if you’re widely looked down upon.

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