Pelosi Rips Trump A New One In Tuesday Afternoon Barrage Of Anger


Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called out the monstrous Donald Trump administration for its cruel, callous, and cold-blooded actions. The president does not like strong women. It is not just Pelosi, Secretary Hillary Clinton, the former mayor of San Juan Carmen Yulin Cruz, and presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Apparently, he has declared war on “millions of women.”

Pelosi tweeted that he was slashing U.S. funds health assistance to nonprofit organizations that provide medical assistance to millions of women. If they provide any counseling about abortion, even if they do not perform abortions, the White House will defund them. She told Trump off:

‘There is no end to the depths of the Trump Administration’s cruelty. Millions of women around the world rely on U.S.-funded health assistance – and millions more will be arbitrarily left without care due to this shameful decision by @SecPompeo.’

Trump’s secretary of state conservative Mike Pompeo announced that our nation will “expand abortion gag rule:”

‘JUST IN: Secretary of State Pompeo says U.S. will expand abortion gag rule by refusing to assist NGOs that aid other groups that support abortion’

An abortion clinic waiting room is one of the saddest places. The weight of this decision is oppressive, and it is rarely a method of birth control, as far-right groups often declare.

Women will die both here and around the world. There are times when women must make the terrible decision to have a late-term abortion, because either she or the baby will die. That is no choice that anyone should have to make — but they do. Sometimes the baby dies in the womb.

There are a thousand and one legitimate reasons for a woman to decide to have an abortion.

Trump’s cutting of funds to providers, both here and abroad, will also end life-saving health care. Women who have no other source for medical attention will die from easily preventable diseases, from entropic (tubal) pregnancies, and even from something as common as heart attacks, the flu, and pneumonia.

Women will die.

Women and men were furious. Check out some of our favorites below: