Trump Finishes Watching Sunday News & Erupts Into Blind Paranoid Rage


On Easter Sunday, most U.S. presidents are in church. Trump has spent his Sunday morning complaining on Twitter about how persecuted he has been as president and how illegal any oversight of his presidency is.

Trump’s continued claims that his campaign was illegally targeted and spied on makes no sense. A FISA warrant was legally issued by a court against Carter Page, a man Trump denied was ever part of his campaign until he needed a deflection. Trump has also repeatedly claimed that Democrats never believed he’d win and yet spied on his campaign in order to have an “insurance policy” to oust him when he did.

Oversight of the presidency, or any branch of the government, is legal and necessary. Trump certainly believed this when President Obama was in office and Trump constantly accused him of crimes, missteps, and illegal activity. Trump and the GOP’s incessant whining about oversight now makes one wonder if the eight years before Trump was elected ever really happened. The insistence that the Mueller report exonerated Trump (it didn’t) means that the matter is settled and Democrats need to move on begs the question of whether anyone in the Republican party remembers the conclusions of 10 GOP-led committees who found no wrongdoing during the Benghazi attacks.

Presidents come and presidents go, but this presidency has cost the country far more than just the major embarrassment as the rest of the world watches. Division, misinformation, and confusion rules in political conversation, and the sole source of all of that is the sitting president of the United States.

Twitter had many thoughts on Trump’s claims of persecution. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license