Trump Makes Angry Threats In Tuesday AM Twitter Mental Collapse


President Donald Trump continues to prove that he believes hyped up anger to be the best method for approaching policy issues at home in the United States and abroad. This Tuesday morning, he attempted to mob boss his way into getting what he wants for the southern U.S. border, offering a threatening public statement to the world via Twitter about his intentions. As if he’s some storybook villain trying to fuel speculation and fear, he left just enough substance out of his latest threat to spark plenty of conversation.

He shared:

‘Democrats in Congress must vote to close the terrible loopholes at the Southern Border. If not, harsh measures will have to be taken!’

The fact that he can’t just speak frankly and point to actual substantive evidence for his neverending train of wild claims makes this seem like a game to him. He’s taking the lives and well-being of millions of people significantly less seriously than you’d hope for in a president of the United States, basing globally reverberating policy around nothing but speculation fueled by nothing tangible but immigrants’ race.

There is no significant evidence for his claims that immigrants over the southern border pose some kind of special security threat to the United States. According to the Wilson Center, throughout recent years the crime rates in every single county along the border but one have been lower than comparable jurisdictions elsewhere in the United States. Trump flatly lied in a State of the Union address when he claimed that the border area Texas city of El Paso had been struggling with high crime rates before they put up physical border barriers — before and after the barriers, they were a considerably safe city.

The real “crisis” at the border is a humanitarian one. The rate of asylum seekers arriving at the southern border has spiked significantly in the first part of 2019, with more and more women and children arriving to the U.S. to seek refuge from violence where they’re from. The president’s “solutions” to that are a physical wall and threats to completely close the border — in other words, he’s completely ignoring the actual issues at hand.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

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