Stormy Schools Twitter Troll On Difference Between Her & Melania


Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, is not here for attacks on her personal character, particularly when those attacks come from supporters of a cheater, grifter, and conman like Donald Trump. Nor is she about to listen to Twitter trolls who say the porn model who married Trump for his money is somehow better than a porn star who slept with him for free.

It’s highly doubtful that Daniels was “naive” when it comes to Michael Avenatti, or lawyers in general. Her first attorney in this matter had already screwed her over, and she used Avenatti to get her point across as equally as he used her.

In a Twitter response that has since been deleted, another Trump supporter said:

‘The beautiful and classy FIRST LADY is married to a billionaire: and you’re not. She is the First Lady; and you’re not. Your poor daughter.?

For anyone who has forgotten, Daniels and Melania Trump had similar career paths before Donald Trump entered the picture. Melania posed naked and in performance of sex acts for money, just as Daniels did. Melania doesn’t get to be the arbiter of class simply because she married a man she believed to be incredibly wealthy.

Daniels’ response was pure fire.

Daniels continued to school Trump supporters who believed they were saying something that might hurt her feelings. Apparently, she’s far stronger than all of that.

Twitter was in full support of Daniels’ defense. Read some of their comments and reactions to Daniels’ takedown of the Trumpsters below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube