Kellyanne Conway Wildly Confronts Pelosi & Nancy Wins Again


Something unusual happened. House Secretary Ben Carson was testifying before the House Committee on Financial Services and clearly did not know the answers to the questions put before him. Then, he flippantly said “I reclaim my time,” which he could not do. Chair of the committee Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the “gentlewoman reclaims her time.” That lovely antique word reminds people of the dignity and serious honor that comes with serving this country. The Trump administration has grossly mucked up so many of our traditions, that people may have forgotten.

POTUS rudely kept them waiting for 15 minutes, then he came in and blew up. The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is probably the most powerful woman in the U.S., second in line to the president. Yet, neither he, the Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, or any other members of the administration respects her. The Congress reporter for The Wall Street Journal Natalie Andrews tweeted:

‘After Trump walked out, Pelosi talked to Dems. Kellyanne Conway asked her if she had a response for the president. Pelosi told Conway: I’m responding to the president, not staff.’

‘As everyone was leaving, Conway told Pelosi: “that’s really pro-woman of you” -per a source familiar’

The Democratic leadership went to the White House to present a package for infrastructure, which is so sorely needed across the country. It would provide thousands of jobs and improve the nation’s quality of life.

After POTUS stormed out and on to a quasi-press conference in the Rose Garden, Pelosi spoke to the Democrats who had joined her for the meeting for a few moments. The speaker is equal to Trump, but he has appeared to have difficulty with that, and that lack of respect has filtered down through his White House.

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