Jim Acosta Master-Trolls Trump Like A Badass As Donald Rages On


Donald Trump threw a tantrum in the Oval Office in front of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all the top Democratic leaders. Bad mistake. As a brilliant politician, she used his unfortunate act against him like a burning hot laser. The Speaker came out of that meeting and said that she would pray for him. More emphatically, she said she would pray for the country and added that she hoped his family would do an intervention.

Politics aside, she was clearly concerned about POTUS’ mental health as are many people across the country, and they do not have to go into a darkened room with him as Pelosi did. Later, Trump did his I’m-not-crazy-you’re-crazy routine, although he was plodding whereas the Speaker was graceful. He said she was “losing it.”

National political reporter for The Washington Post, Robert Acosta tweeted out another of commander-in-chief’s tricks. Acosta tweeted that Trump said that he is “an extremely stable genius:”

‘Trump just now: “I am an extremely stable genius.”‘

Laughter broke out among the journalists on MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace’s Deadline: White House show as they first heard what he said. One of the reformed Republican guests asked “if you have to say you’re it, are you?”

A group of 37 mental health professionals got together and wrote a book called The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President. The Robinson Professor in U.S. History at Stanford University Estelle Freedman reviewed the book:

‘This insightful collection is grounded in historical consciousness of the ways professionals have responded to fascist leaders and unstable politicians in the past. It is a valuable primary source documenting the critical turning point when American psychiatry reassessed the ethics of restraining commentary on the mental health of public officials in light of the “duty to warn” of imminent danger. Medical and legal experts thoughtfully assess diagnoses of Trump’s behavior and astutely explore how to scrutinize political candidates, address client fears, and assess the ‘Trump Effect’ on our social fabric.’

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