Racist Airbnb Host Caught On Video Calling Black Guests ‘Monkeys’


What began as a fun group trip to New York City turned into a ruined vacation when a racist Airbnb host berated her guests, calling them “monkeys” and “criminals.” The guests found themselves out on the street at 2:30 in the morning, but not without first catching the host on video.

Mesach Cicero says that the host was rude to them and said she was afraid of the group of black men, who she called “criminals.” During the taped encounter with their host, she argued about how many guests were allowed. Cicero also posted a copy of his receipt, showing that all the guests present in the rented space had been paid for at $45 per person. When he argued this with the host, she asked the men which “monkey” was going to sleep on the couch.

In a separate video posted on Instagram and Twitter, Cicero said:

‘Me and my friends just encountered a racist AirBnB host. Our AirBnB host treated us very disrespectfully and complained unnecessarily about our noise. She racially profiled us, calling us criminals and used racial slurs such as monkey’s to describe us.’

The men remained calm and argued their case, only to be evicted. The Daily Mail reports that:

‘Cisero and his four friends complied and started gathering their things so that they could leave. But he asserts that as they were packing, the host bust into the apartment with a camera.

‘They asked her to respect their privacy – as one of them had just exited the shower – but the woman continued her tirade and called them ‘criminals’ adding that she didn’t feel “safe.”‘

The men called the New York City Police Department so that they could leave without further incident, as the woman had become so angered, they were afraid she might attack one of them.

After Cicero posted the video on social media, viewers were outraged. Read some of their comments below: