Trump Makes Idiotic Comment About Iran & Gets Hilariously Blasted


President Donald Trump continues his crusade against Iran, although for now, he claims sometimes at least that he doesn’t want to go to war with the country. Still, he went so far this weekend that he sought to impose his own campaign slogan on the country, telling reporters that he wants to “make Iran great again.”

As he put it:

‘Iran wants to become a wealthy nation again. Let’s make Iran great again. Does that make sense? Make Iran great again, okay with me. But they’re never gonna do it if they think in five or six years, they gotta have a nuclear weapon.’

Iran just recently announced they would be soon be passing the limits on enriched uranium set by the nuclear deal that they signed with the U.S. and some European countries in 2015. Authorities suggested they could soon approach an enrichment level very close to weapons-grade, claiming it to be for a research center around the Iranian capital. The United States has completely removed the incentive that deal established for Iranians to keep their nuclear program in check via withdrawing and imposing harsh sanctions in its place.

Ironically enough, this worsening situation isn’t even the first time that Trump or one of his associates have applied his campaign slogan to a foreign country. During the presidential campaign season ahead of the 2016 election, eventual Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani appeared on stage in a hat reading “Make Mexico Great Again Also.” Considering just recently, Trump came very close to imposing tariffs on every import from the country, Mexican authorities and people at large probably wouldn’t be prone to suggest Trump had been successful in the aim that popped up on Giuliani’s hat.

The situation isn’t going much better involving Iran. Most recently, Iranian authorities shot down a U.S. drone it said entered its airspace, and Trump brought U.S. authorities very close to a retaliatory strike on the country but dialed those plans back after learning there could be some 150 casualties on the ground — and he wants us to thank him for that, or something. With recently authorized new deployments of more than 2,000 troops to the area, the threat remains all the same.

Check out Twitter’s response to Trump responding to it with “Make Iran Great Again.”

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