BREAKING: Two Infants, One Toddler Found Dead At Mexico Border


Donald Trump implemented a cruel immigration policy that let him recently put hundreds and hundreds of children in crowded cages. All the while, his Department of Justice attorneys argue that the kids do not need soap, toothbrushes, or blankets to protect them from the concrete floors where they sleep. Trump has no empathy, no compassion, no concern. These poor children are simply bargaining chips against the Democrats. Where are the Republicans, though? Maybe too many are like the president, but what about those who have their own children and grandchildren? How can they allow this cruelty to continue? It gets far worse.

In the past year, a minimum of seven children died in immigration detention centers after almost 10 years of no deaths. Caged eight-year-olds care for five-month-old sick babies while they wait, but it was too late for some.

The nation’s Border Patrol agents discovered four bodies, including those of small children near the Rio Grande River that borders Texas. There was one dead toddler, two dead babies, and one woman about 20 years old, according to The Washington Post.

The bodies of the babies, toddler, and woman were located in a spot common for illegally crossing the border and for drug trafficking after the president choked the legal entrances for asylum seekers. Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra posted in a late-night tweet.

‘BREAKING NEWS: Deputies are on scene by the river SE of the Anzalduas Park in Las Paloma Wildlife Management Area where Border Patrol agents located 4 deceased bodies. Bodies appear to be 2 infants, a toddler and 20yoa female. Deputies are awaiting FBI agents who will be leading.’

Spokesperson for the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Frank Medrano said:

‘It is an area very well known for immigrants crossing the river.’

The little bodies were located in the Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area, which is southeast of the 96-acre Anzalduas Park. The U.S. government owns the property. The trees weep with Spanish moss along the river.

The sheriff’s office will not lead the investigation into the four bodies. Instead, the FBI will take the lead, according to Guerra.

According to the nearby McCallen, Texas newspaper, The Monitor, the area where the babies lay was called El Rincón del Diablo (the Devil’s Corner).

 Unlike many places along the Rio Grande, this area is covered in vegetation. The darkness at night was profound with the only lights from the occasional U.S. agents’ car.

Hidalgo County Constable Larry Gallardo said:

‘There’s a lot of brush. It’s like ranchland; there’s no difference.’

Donald Trump visited the park last January to promote his memorial border wall. He has taken great care to design the sharp spikes in black paint, so that they will heat up in the fierce sun and burn those trying to cross over. Perhaps, this image will follow him through history.

While POTUS was touring the area, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) and he saw “piles of narcotics” that the Border Patrol agents had seized.

Trump himself aided in the remarkable surge of refugees by cutting off financial aid to Central America and threatening to totally close the border. People seeking legal asylum hurried to beat the closedown.

The surge has overwhelmed the existing facilities, and apparently, Trump is not up to handling the issue.