YouTube Employee Goes Viral For Calling Cops On Black Man For Standing


Who died and left this guy in charge of vetting every black guy within a ten foot radius? Nobody obviously, but that didn’t stop apparent YouTube employee Christopher Cukor from calling the cops after walking outside his Bay Area apartment building and finding a black guy — software engineer Wesley Michel — who was waiting for his apparently disabled friend, who also lived in the building. That friend showed up while Cukor was still on the phone with police; Cukor never seemed to let the case go, however. When Michel pointed out he was filming him, he promptly alleged to police that he was being harassed. His young son can be seen on video begging him to leave Michel alone — but not even that stopped him. The lengths this white guy was willing to go to defend his snowflake ego know no bounds, apparently.

Check it out:

Cukor had demanded that Michel give him the name of his friend he said he was waiting for or at least call the friend on the building’s call box that connected to each room. It’s amazing that he was so entitled-feeling that he barged into this random guy’s life and demanded that he hand over this personal information. Michel refused to comply with Cukor’s demands, and that’s when the belligerently self-righteous wannabe neighborhood watch leader started demanding police show up — all because a black guy was just standing there.

Once Michel’s friend showed up — who he can be heard identifying on the video as someone named Cathy — Cukor’s young child seemed to again be the only reasonable voice on that side of the situation, saying:

‘I told you! Daddy, look what you’ve gotten us into. Let’s go!’

Cukor has apparently deleted his social media accounts in the wake of the incident, although he doesn’t seem to have expressed any remorse. Some have pointed out that his father was killed by an intruder in recent years and the family blamed police for not responding quickly enough, but Michel posed no visible threat to Cukor whatsoever, so there’s no connection between the incidents.

Michel had audibly pointed out to Cukor that his actions were setting him up to join the ranks of white people lambasted by the internet for calling cops on black people for no reason whatsoever. This “trend” started with someone the internet eventually derided as “BBQ Betty,” who incessantly tried to get police to respond to a black family having a barbecue in the Oakland, California, area with a charcoal grill. The next month in the same area, a woman nicknamed Permit Patty was caught on camera trying to get cops to respond to a young black girl selling water.

The incidents are almost as “good” as the recent development in Hillary Clinton’s New York town, where a group of far-right loonies recently showed up with a “formal complaint” — signed and notarized, apparently! — demanding that she be arrested. A cop they were speaking to inside the police station can be seen on video trying to politely engage with them, but his tone is most definitely that of an adult trying to patronizingly engage with someone younger, at least in maturity…

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