Chicago Mayor Just Blocked ICE From Locating Immigrants In Her City


When issues like desegregation, healthcare, and legalizing same-sex marriage are on the table, Republicans are extremely supportive of “states’ rights” and big government overreach. When state and city officials have policies that disagree with GOP policies, those concerns are suddenly washed away.

The state of Illinois has never pushed back against sanctuary city policies in Chicago, which Trump has decided to undermine with threats of withholding federal funding and now an executive order demanding compliance with the planned ICE raids on Sunday. Chicago’s first black female mayor, Lori Lightfoot (D), refused his demands.

‘Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) moved this week to block Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials’ access to the city’s police databases following news of possible raids in Chicago and other major U.S. cities.’

Trump had previously announced these raids but called them off for two weeks, demanding that Democratic lawmakers bend to his will while holding vulnerable migrants hostage to get his way on immigration policies. Democrats signed legislation to ensure funding for detention centers despite widespread opposition. However, as news of Mueller’s upcoming testimony, the arrest of Trump’s friend Jeffrey Epstein for child sex trafficking crimes that brought up accusations against the president, and the sexual abuse of migrant children in Trump’s detention centers, a distraction is necessary. Lightfoot, however, is not interested in abusing families to help Trump change the news narrative.

Lightfoot is boldly pushing back.

‘They will not team up with ICE to detain any resident. We have also cut off ICE access from any CPD databases and that will remain permanent. Chicago is and will always be a welcoming city that will never tolerate ICE tearing our families apart’

As stories of overcrowding in detention centers that is creating a human rights crisis explode in daily news reports, Trump is planning to cram thousands more into them, insisting that every government agency comply by allowing access to their police and other reports, doing so by executive action after his census question was denied by the Supreme Court.

‘The New York Times reported Thursday that ICE would begin raids Sunday. The raids were initially planned for last month, but President Trump tweeted late last month that he had delayed the possibility of raids for two weeks.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube