Trump Just Received A Literal Piece Of U.S. History & People Are Livid


Today, Donald Trump was given a precious piece of history, but his hands are so dirty with having sex with porn stars, partying with a child sex trafficker — at the very least, and inciting tens of thousands of people to violence against four remarkable young women serving our country, I do not want him to touch it.

In an afternoon tweet, the president accepted the American flag to commemorate a pivotal battle in U.S. history. This flag flew in the first wave of attack in Normandy that was to fight off the terrible scourge of Hitler’s army. America’s young men died in a sea of blood upholding the of the ideas of safety, honor, equality, respect, and, integrity, equality, and  dependability:

‘Today, on behalf of the American people, I received an American flag that flew aboard a ship carrying the first waves of U.S. Service Members to land in Normandy.’

These ideas were so powerful that we were willing to sacrifice our young men in a war with our allies against a man who stood up at rallies where tens of thousands of people stood under the complete control of a maniac. It was as if Hitler knew how to perform mass hypnosis, and then the people were okay with him putting Jewish people in cages, demeaning them, starving them, letting and them die.

Why would we give this flag to someone who was a draft dodger, so another young man could go to Vietnam in his place?

Twitter world went nuts. These are some of our favorites below:

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