Donald Trump Crashes Bizarre Wedding In New Jersey (VIDEO)


The Trumpster crowd makes a big show out of their support for the president, holding MAGA parties and wearing their red hats to every public event they can find. Dedicating a wedding to the president and basing the entire theme around him, however, is just beyond the pale.

After a rough week of making racist comments about black and brown Democratic congresswomen and dealing with the fallout as well as the focus on the treatment of migrant children in detention camps, Trump did what he always does by fleeing to one of his golf resorts for yet another vacation weekend. Although he once promised his supporters that “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf” and criticized President Obama for any vacation day he spent golfing, Trump is well on track to topping the number of golf days Obama spent in eight years in office in just four years.

One promise that he did keep, or at least for today, was that if his supporters came at spent money to hold their wedding at his resort while he was vacationing there, he would stop by. On Sunday, he did so at a MAGA-themed wedding.

According to The New Post:

‘The president, who’s spending the weekend at the resort, walked into the wedding reception for Nicole Marie and PJ Mongelli, according to video of the event.

‘As the crowed roared and turned their phone’s cameras on the president, he motioned for the couple to come to him.’

If you’re thinking that creating a wedding theme out of Trump’s campaign slogan is rather bizarre, you’d be right. The cult mentality is strong with this group of presidential supporters. The couple who were getting married at Sunday’s event was not the first to put on a show of their support of Trump, but it will be interesting to see if their marriage, or their identification with a particular racist ideology, will last longer than Trump is on office.

‘Trump, wearing a dark suit without a tie, put his arms around the two as they took part in the “USA” chants, thrusting their arms in the air.’

The couple and their guests posted video of their wedding crasher, showing the crowd chanting “USA!” and begging the president to return for their party. After all, Trump doesn’t have anything better to do around his busy schedule of tweeting racist insults and jailing toddlers. The cult crowd clapped and cheered as Trump interrupted the ceremony to soak in the adoration and make the entire wedding about himself, although the couple seems to have done that, anyway.

‘The groom urges the president to stop in later for a couple of minutes.

‘“Please, please, it would mean so much to us,” another person said.’

Featured image via Flickr by Michael Vadon under a Creative Commons license