Michelle Obama Tweets Inspiring Thursday Message To America


There really is some good news out there. These last several weeks the bad news has been pouring off of Donald Trump like a black boiling cloud of fire from a wrecked train. Even the Democratic debates felt more like a circular firing squad than presidential hopefuls. Here is the good news, though.

Former first lady Michelle Obama stepped back into people’s lives to remind them that today is National Girlfriends Day. As part of that celebration, Mrs. Obama asked us to remember to “give a shoutout” to all the women who “have our backs:”

‘As part of #NationalGirlfriendsDay, let’s give a shoutout to the friends who always have our backs! My girlfriends aren’t just people I like to hang out with—though we do plenty of that—they’re a vital part of who I am and who I’ll keep becoming.’

The greatest part of this message was that it reminded people that no matter how bad it got, women have always solved problems. Obama also reminded them that they are linked to one another, and what people do for one another carries on and on.

Thank you, Michelle Obama.

Twitter world lit up. What do you think of these pro-Michelle Obama tweets?

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