Protesters Confront Trump At His Golf Club & It Was Fantastic

What would happen if Donald Trump had to leave the presidency? Chances are that he would head to jail for the crimes he allegedly committed against the Mueller’s investigation and regarding his relationship with Russia. Yet, there was more.
There were the crimes of profiteering and tax fraud to name just a few. It would probably be in Trump’s best interests to stay in office as long as possible, but here is another way for the president to exit stage left.

When POTUS entered and left his Virginia golf course Saturday and Sunday, where he weathered Hurricane Dorian, he was met by a somewhat small group of protesters. One of them was dressed head-to-toe in a black-and-white striped jail uniform costume. The protesters’ signs suggested that he just “Resign,” and another told us to “Jail Trump.” One other protester carried “Trump baby balloons” PoliticusUSA “boss” Sarah Reese Jones tweeted:

“A small handful of protesters were outside the club, holding signs that read “Jail Trump,” “Free the children” and “Lock him up.” Across the street from the club is a blue banner sign that reads “Putin’s Apprentice” in red and white lettering,” pooler @seungminkim, her photo ->’

Granted that would save everyone the trouble of prying him out of office. Four protesters stood at the entrance of the National Golf Club as the president’s motorcade passed.

Here was the White Pool Report provided to PoliticusUSA. It read:

‘”POTUS” motorcade left Trump National Golf Club at 3:23 PM. Four protesters were at the entrance with signs of ”Jail Trump” and “Resign,” among others, while a fifth joined shortly before his departure with two Trump Baby balloons.’

It appears that there really has been no place the leader of the free world has been able to escape protesters, not “even at his own golf club.” Perhaps, that has been why POTUS has holed up in the president’s private quarters until he must come down and deal with the public. Some days he has not arrived at the Oval Office until 1 p.m.

As long as he remained upstairs, that left him the world he could control, Twitter world where he is King. From there, he can threaten anyone in Congress. Republicans fear crossing him, because he could generate a more conservative primary candidate with just one tweet. Democrats have become edgy, due to the president’s ability to motivate his 28 percent hardcore supporters to threaten them — or worse.

According to all of the public opinion polls collated since polling began, Trump has been the “least popular president.” His numbers usually range from 38 percent to 42 percent. When he told Secretary Hilliary Clinton he would put her in jail, he was not kidding. He has already directed his Roy Cohnesque Attorney General William Barr to investigate her.

Even abroad, protesters and their giant Baby Trump balloons trail him everywhere he travels. Western Europeans have a negative opinion of America’s leader, according to a Pew Research Opinion poll:

In the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain – four nations the Center has consistently surveyed over the past 15 years – there is a clear pattern in public perceptions of U.S. presidents. People in these countries generally had little confidence in President George W. Bush to do the right thing regarding world affairs. Their confidence was much higher in Bush’s successor, President Barack Obama, but it plunged following Trump’s election in 2016. This year, confidence in Trump remains low in Germany, France and Spain – but it is up slightly in the UK. Of the 25 countries surveyed, a median of 70% lack confidence in Trump to do the right thing regarding world affairs.’

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