Judge Delivers Major Asylum-Seeker Upset To Trump


Donald Trump has lawsuits flying left and right of him trying to halt many of his cruel actions. They include forcing sick and dying children to leave the country, keeping his taxes secret, and preventing refugees from coming over the southern border.

A California federal judge had, according to KTLA in Los Angeles:

‘…restored his (the judges’) decision to block a Trump administration rule that dramatically limits the ability of Central American migrants to claim asylum, after the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals narrowed the injunction last month.’

US District Judge Jon Tigar said regarding his order:

‘The primary reason a nationwide injunction is appropriate is that it is the only means of affording complete relief.’

Last July, Tigar stopped Trump. The president’s attorneys took it to a higher court. Almost a month later, the 9th Circuit court halted the injunction. It claimed that the injunction would only apply to refugees seeking asylum in two states: Arizona and California. These states were under the 9th Circuit’s purview.

Then last week, Tigar appeared in a hearing to defend his decision before the 9th Circuit court. Tiger explained that there might be some ambiguity in the 9th Circuit’s ruling. He explained:

‘I take (it) to say, “Judge Tigar, you seem to assume in a situation like this a nationwide injunction is appropriate. You shouldn’t make that assumption. Please explain yourself.”‘

The departments of Homeland Security and Justice would have kept refugees who have lived in or traveled through any other country prior to reaching the US from seeking asylum here. That would have stopped any of the Central American refugees fleeing violence and a disastrous drought from traveling through Mexico to reach the US.

If they did come through Mexico, Trump’s ruling would have forced them to claim asylum in Mexico or any other country they traveled through. That would have dramatically cut the number of refugees reaching the US.

According to immigrant advocacy groups, Trump’s new rule has been unlawful and harmful to refugees.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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