Lindsey Graham Busted Hanging Out With White Supremacist


There was a time in recent memory when Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and his best political friend Senator John McCain (R-AZ) led the Republicans toward a lone tower of honor and integrity. McCain died. Then, something happened to Graham.

The senator turned into the meekest floor mat for Donald Trump. The two golfed together, and the South Carolina senator advised him, but on what? Shaunking captured the Instagram photo of Graham posing with “one of the most well-known white supremacists in the world:”

‘This is why we must @FlipTheSenate. On the right is Gaert Wilders. He is one of the most well known white supremacists in the world. An open bigot. He’s Dutch. Is seen in Europe as something akin to a Neo-Nazi. That’s him happily posing with South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC). Wilder proudly posted this on Twitter until Graham begged him to delete it, which he did. THIS RIGHT HERE is why we must elect @harrisonjaime to the Senate and flip that seat in South Carolina.’


Shaunking urged people to vote Graham out of office in the upcoming 2020 elections. That was when people began to respond:

Abigail_muse2girlie said:

‘@shaunking can you talk about the hurricane victims from the Bahamas seeking refuge and being turned away by the U.S.?’

Jerryb452000 commented:

‘Well we already knew Graham was a racist skunk. That guy on the right looks like a mannequin. Two peas in a pot.’

Emilyaliu noted:

‘Oh look, it’s Gollum and an ogre’

Ajwalker215 asked:

‘Why is Megamind racist’

Flyingbelow20000ft added:

‘BRAnd so many people say racism is dead in America 🙄

Rkr82 commented:

‘I know personally as a man who has been getting the grits since the age of 14 I really haven’t had time or the desire to hate any specific group or race of people, therefore I am inclined to believe that fellows such as these pasties must have what they call a grits déficit in other words they are strictly lovers of the wrist @superfly_timmy_snuka’

Kokomontevista said:

‘@lindseygrahamscthis is disgraceful. We see you for the racist asshole you are.’

Dham_25 noted:

‘Two monsters!!’

Ecasarreal added:

‘Makes me sick’

Papabeardown said:

‘#birdsofafeather 🤔 Not surprised, smh 🇺🇸🤷🏾‍♂️’

Hotflash64 added:

‘Lindsay The 👑 queen 🤣and his’

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