Mike Pence Teamed Up With John Bolton Against Donald Trump


Donald Trump is once again recycling at the top of his administration. Perhaps, he intends to condense power around him. This was his latest pink-slipping tweet.

The president fired his fourth national security adviser, John Bolton via tweet. When Bolton came on board, Trump knew about his hawkish attitudes. There has been a recent divide within the White House. Bolton came onboard April 9, 2018. Recently, the former national security adviser joined with Vice President Mike Pence against the president’s efforts in Afghanistan.

Bolton was firmly against POTUS’ idea of inviting the Taliban to Camp David. The traditional role of his office has been to collect information from all the security agencies. Normally, that was how the former national security advisor operated, withholding his or her own opinions. However, that was not how the Trump administration worked, so Bolton was basically relegated to being a Fox News commentator within the White House.

Last night, the former security adviser tweeted that he offered to quit, and Trump told him they would discuss it today. However, the president got out ahead of Bolton and fired him.

A fundamental problem has been that the president is his own advisor. He has not wanted to listen to anyone else’s opinion, let alone read about it. Instead, he said that he followed his gut.

What the commander-in-chief said was his stance differed greatly from his former security adviser. Just months before Bolton took his job with the president, he penned an op-ed urging the president to bomb Iran.

When Bolton took office, he and the president appeared to be off-step. Trump did not like his mustache and his continuous resistance to POTUS’ more peaceful stance.

Trump said he would announce a new security advisor next week.

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