Carter Shows Up Trump With True Display Of Leadership After Injury


The gap between President Donald Trump’s behavior and the leadership displayed by those on the opposite side only continues to grow. This week, former President Jimmy Carter got to work at a Habitat for Humanity home building event in Nashville just the day after he had fallen at his home in Georgia and required stitches, besides giving himself a black eye. Carter’s participation in the event despite his injury brings the total that he and his wife Rosalynn have been a part of to three dozen.

Carter shared with a group of volunteers this past Sunday that he had a “had a number one priority and that was to come to Nashville and build houses.” Besides hitting a total of now three dozen building events, the Carters have apparently helped see through construction and/or repair work on a full 4,331 homes and counting across 14 countries as part of the effort they’ve helped develop. This time around, as part of an event slated for October 6 through 11, the group the Carters are with is aiming to complete a full 21 homes.

Habitat for Humanity International spokeswoman Rowena Sara chimed in separately, explaining:

‘Since 1984, President and Mrs. Carter have been champions and strong voices for affordable housing for all, donating their time and leadership to build and improve homes through the Carter Work Project.’

Former President Carter is 95 years old, but he’s still staying out there to participate in these projects anyway, which he’s long been noted for.

He has only occasionally weighed in on the current occupant of the White House, quipping in a late night television appearance at one point that he does pray for Trump, but he of course takes grave issue with a whole array of his policy positions — although to call them that might be giving the mess and its creators too much credit.

After all, Trump, while in office, has been known for administration features like a record high senior staff turnover rate and doling out all sorts of anti-migrant measures, among other things. Recently, his team even closed off the asylum process entirely to essentially all people not from Mexico.

Meanwhile, Carter keeps up this campaign of helping the downtrodden, something that seems foreign to Trump and his cronies…

As one Twitter user put it:

‘A day after getting stitches, Jimmy Carter, 95, is helping strangers live better lives. Can anyone imagine Donald Trump, at any age, on any day, doing this?’

Actor John Fugelsang added:

President Jimmy Carter is a Nobel-wining peacemaker who didn’t dodge military service, works with his hands, serves the poor, created more jobs per year than Reagan & GW Bush combined and is still with his 1st wife. Or as Trump calls it, ‘loser.”

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