Eric Trump Loses His Mind In Fox & Friends Over Ukraine Scandal


The spectacle of Fox & Friends continued pretty much unabated this week with an appearance from Eric Trump, who promptly launched into angry tirades against the media in response to their coverage of the scandal surrounding his father — President Donald Trump — attempting to get foreign governments to investigate his domestic political opponents the Bidens. Further driving in an attempt at normalizing the same kind of violent rhetoric that his father uses, Eric eventually got around to insisting that the media is a “danger to this country” — all because they dare ask questions that the Trump team doesn’t like.

To start the segment, the show played a couple of clips from Sunday morning news shows this past weekend in which Trump allies including Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wi) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) get fiercely rebutted when trying to throw out defenses of the president.

Eric replied by belligerently insisting:

‘This is why America is so sick of much of the mainstream media. I mean look at the way they ask questions. You had Senators that were literally having to shout and scream to be heard over the commentator — that’s not their role! But unfortunately, that’s the role that the media is playing every single day these days… they are part of the left-wing party. They are advocates for the left-wing.’

Firstly, there’s not a “left-wing party.” They’re called — wait for it — Democrats. It sounds like Eric Trump missed civics.

Also — to be abundantly clear, it’s a wonder that Eric looks at Johnson’s appearance this weekend on Meet the Press and sees a Senator having to “shout and scream to be heard” when it’s Johnson who would not stop talking and the host is the only one who even kind of “shouted” in an attempt to get in a single question — since that’s the point of the show, after all. It’s like Eric just automatically sees Republicans as the persecuted ones.

Despite the lack of evidence for his wild claims, this Monday on Fox, Eric had an explanation for them. Discussing the upcoming 2020 election and eventually getting to the media’s supposed “advocacy” against his dad, Eric insisted:

‘This whole thing’s a clown show. They know they can’t win — they’re going to have their opportunity to win in six years… The economy is too good. America is behind my father. You finally have patriotism back; you finally have religious liberty back… The media in doing that, they pose a danger to this nation. I mean look at the advocacy there.’


Hilariously enough, Eric also claimed at one point that he has lived an “incredibly scandal-free live.” This is false. His name was the one on a charity raising money supporting kids with cancer that really sent an astronomical amount of money into the coffers of the Trump family business, which prompted an investigation from the New York state attorney general — not exactly something to scoff at.

Down in reality, his father has also earned an ongoing impeachment inquiry from House Democrats who are fed up with the president thinking he can ask foreigners for political help and get away with it.

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