Giuliani Thug Pulls Out Gun & Holds It To Man’s Head (DETAILS)


Rudy Giuliani has been hanging around with a Ukrainian-born man recently arrested by the FBI on “charges of manipulating the American political system at the behest of foreigners. ” Lev Parnas and the man arrested with him make serial killer mugshots look good. Now, the president’s personal attorney is under investigation for counter-terrorism. How did this happen?

This was some of Giuliani’s friend’s crime-ridden history. Parnas’ landlord did not like him and asked him to leave. The two men argued, so the apartment manager said he was going to call the police. Parnas responded:

‘If you call the cops, they are not going to find you ever.’

The landlord obtained a restraining order in Miami-Dade county court, according to POLITICO. A couple of days later, Parnas put a gun to his head and said:

‘This is my last warning to you.’

Then, Parnas drove away. Shortly thereafter, police seized Parnas’ 40-caliber Glock pistol, .38 revolver, an automatic pistol, and a 9mm pistol. The rental in question was in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. It was on the “42nd floor of Trump Palace.”

Parnas had long been connected to organized crime. He co-owns a Florida business called Fraud Guarantee, no kidding. The company donated $50,000 to the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign and walked into the president’s innermost circle.

Former Trump attorney, John Dowd has been representing Parnas. He refused to respond to questions.

When Parnas was a teenager, he sold Trump buildings. In the past two decades, the naturalized man has been involved in 16 different business ventures under 21 different company names. POLITICO reported:

‘One of them, the PC Edge Foundation, registered to the same Trump Palace address as the episode involving the gun, proclaimed its mission was “to raise funding and awareness to various charity organizations. Our main focus is to eliminate illiteracy.” It was shut down after 17 months.’

One of Parnas’ business associates Mitchell Reisman pled guilty in 2004:

‘[I]n New Jersey to theft by deception and securities fraud for activities that were unrelated to Program Trading Corp., nonetheless dating to the period of his business partnership with Parnas. Later, Resiman was sentenced to 51 months in prison for another fraud scheme that dated back to 2003 and was prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York.’

Then in 2006, Lou Pearlman made Parnas chair of Edgetech International in Nevada. It sold computer enhancements:

‘At the time, investigators were closing in on Pearlman for running one of the largest ponzi schemes in history. In February 2007, Florida authorities seized control of some of Pearlman’s businesses amid fraud accusations. Four months later, a federal grand jury indicted Pearlman and after his conviction he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Pearlman died in federal custody in 2016.’

Last spring public relations executive Josh Nass was attending a Jewish event put on by the National Council of Young Israel. It honored Parnas with the “Lovers of Zion” award. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Giuliani, and former Arkansas governor Mick Huckabee attended, too. Nass went over to introduce himself to the award winners in Russian. He remembered:

‘These are two typical Brighton Beach thugs. That’s what they look like. That’s what they talk like. I was talking to them in that sort of slang. That’s why they liked me.’

Then, Parnas’ phone rang. Nass noticed that the caller ID showed it was from Giuliani. The PR man said:

‘I was aghast. You should have seen my face.’

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