Ivanka Tweets Phony Elijah Cummings Message & Instantly Regrets It


This week, Baltimore-area Congressman Elijah Cummings abruptly passed away. President Donald Trump had railed on and on against the Congressman not that long ago at all, but in the wake of his abrupt passing, he and close allies like daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump want us to take their messages of hope and support seriously. In reality, we all remember the time this year when Trump shouted to anyone who’d listen about how trashy and rodent infested Baltimore supposedly was and pinned the blame for these conditions on Cummings.

Still, Ivanka Trump tweeted this Thursday:

‘Rep. Elijah Cummings was a dedicated and courageous public servant. A son of sharecroppers, he tirelessly championed his community and country. May God comfort his loved ones and may he Rest In Peace.’

Where was Ivanka’s goodwill when her father was dragging Cummings’s name through the mud earlier this year on the basis of completely false allegations of corruption? Trump went so far that he suggested Cummings was part of some kind of scheme to redirect federal funds for his personal benefit. There is no evidence for this. There’s more evidence that aliens live on the moon than there is for that nonsense, which Trump essentially pulled out of thin air.

Where was Ivanka when Trump mocked the story that someone had broken into the Congressman’s home?

In the time most recently before his passing, Cummings in his capacity as House Oversight Committee Chairman had helped lead the charge of investigating some of Trump’s most belligerent behavior. Just in recent days, his committee scored a major court victory when a D.C.-area appeals court upheld their subpoena for Trump’s tax returns, which he’s long tried to keep hidden. That case is still ongoing.

Among the many others besides Ivanka Trump who expressed their condolences following the Congressman’s passing is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) herself, who shared:

The people of Baltimore, the U.S. Congress and America have lost a voice of unsurpassed moral clarity and truth: our beloved Chairman Elijah Cummings... In the Congress, we will miss his wisdom, his warm friendship… In Baltimore, we will miss our champion.’

Check out Twitter’s response to Ivanka…