Trump Embarrasses Himself During Wednesday Night Rally


Since Speaker Pelosi announced the formal inquiry into Trump’s Impeachment, we’ve seen a new kind of crazy from our so-called “president.” His hate rally speeches and Tweets have become more and more unhinged, and one has to wonder if he’s actually having a nervous breakdown? Personally, I’ve been worried about his sanity since I discovered his existence 30-years ago, at about age 10, but some of you have just started learning about it. I’ve NEVER seen him this nuts, though. Case in point, tonight in Louisiana at another rally, when he actually had the audacity to read a Fox News Conspiracy piece, while claiming it as a factual example of why impeachment is wrong.

Before reading the article, Trump says:

‘Democrats must be accountable for their hoaxes and for their crimes. Now corrupt politicians Nancy Pelosi and Shifty Adam Schiff and the crooked media have launched the deranged, delusional, destructive and hyperpartisan impeachment witch hunt. Now, we go again.’


Here’s the full video, if you’d like to subject yourself to all 3 hours…

The public did NOT hold back, tonight. Check out the reaction from Trump’s statements:

Featured image via screenshot.