Acosta Dings Trump On Twitter After Latest Yovanovitch Meltdown


President Donald Trump is continuing his passionate campaign to convince essentially all who would listen that anyone pointing to his clearly demonstrable wrongdoing is somehow a liar. As Democrats held their latest public impeachment inquiry hearing this time featuring former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch this Friday, Trump spiraled with a series of angry witness intimidation-attempting tweets and eventual angry remarks to reporters at the White House, who he accused of harboring Democratic Party-based conspiracies against him. CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta noted the president’s meltdown on Twitter for all the world to see.

He shared:

‘Trump ends his comments on Yovanovich hearing by slamming the press, saying he considers many reporters to be part of the Democratic party. He receives applause from aides and supporters as he leaves the room.’

To be clear — no matter how many times Trump wheels out his infamous accusation that the mainstream media peddles “fake news,” there remains no evidence for any of his conspiratorial rambling. The media simply reports what Trump does — and like a monster that can’t see the sun because it might melt, Trump freaks out.

This Friday, Yovanovitch shared with Congress how after decades of dedicated public service, she was abruptly fired earlier this year on the basis of the completely false allegation that she too was harboring some in reality completely nonexistent conspiracy against the president and his allies.

Florida Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings bluntly asked the former ambassador on Friday whether she ever spoke “publicly and privately about… disdain for the Trump administration” as alleged, and Yovanovitch bluntly insisted that no, she did not, and she did not know where Trump allies like his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani got the idea that she had done so.

Giuliani worked with other Trump allies like donor turned E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland and the president himself to try and carry out a plot to get Ukraine to produce dirt on the Bidens on the basis of similarly completely faulty allegations of corruption. The only figure in this scheme with evidence against them — and their associates, considering Roger Stone’s Friday federal criminal conviction — is Donald Trump.

Check out Twitter’s response to Acosta…