Trump Live-Tweeted During Impeachment Hearing Like An Obsessed Loon


Things aren’t going so great for Donald Trump. This Friday, House Democrats got their second public impeachment hearing underway with former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as a witness. Trump was seemingly watching at least the first part of that hearing quite closely — he live-tweeted a selection of screenshots from a new call record that he released this Friday covering a phone conversation he had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in April, when Trump congratulated him on his then-recent election win. Trump’s implication is that the record clears him — but the evidence available from elsewhere demonstrating his corruption remains clearly available!

Trump tweeted it anyway. The record, on its face, is rather mundane. It includes Trump congratulating Zelensky on a job well done and the then-Ukrainian president-elect claiming that he had Trump as an inspiration — which Trump of course thought was great. Even in that routine call to a new world leader, he did not hesitate to tout the supposed great things he was doing for the U.S. economy that he’s in reality just barely keeping from falling into complete oblivion. Anyway, Trump might as well have cited the electoral college totals from 2016 considering the pace of his self-congratulations on the call.

And again — the other evidence is still available.

The White House already released the record covering Trump’s July phone conversation with Zelensky, at which time he asked the country to do the U.S. a “favor” and look into a baseless conspiracy theory that a Democratic email server had ended up in Ukraine. On that call, Trump also asked Zelensky to investigate the Bidens — and disparaged now former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, who’s House impeachment investigators’ Friday witness.

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