Bernie Sanders Garners Massive Trove Of New 2020 Endorsements


Although at this point, a formal impeachment of President Donald Trump seems pretty much inevitable, the Republican-controlled Senate remains unlikely to actually uphold those charges and thereby remove him from office. Therefore, the 2020 election remains a prime target for those concerned with getting Trump and his corruption out of office. As the 2020 Democratic presidential primary continues to heat up, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has earned a new major endorsement. Endorsing a candidate for president for the first time in the organization’s history, the more than fifty member strong coalition organization known as the Center for Popular Democracy Action has now announced that it’s endorsed Sanders.

The prominent progressive leader beat out fellow presidential contender and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, who served in the Obama administration.

The endorsing organization’s co-executive director and network president Jennifer Epps-Addison explained:

‘Bernie Sanders is the powerful movement candidate we need to defeat Donald Trump. From ending mass incarceration and deportations to the $15 minimum wage and Medicare for All, Sanders is working hand-in-hand with our communities to champion the policies that we need to thrive.’

Co-executive director Ana Maria Archilla chimed in:

‘The dignity and safety of immigrant communities, communities of color and working-class people are on the ballot in 2020. In endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders, our network has chosen a champion for people who have been historically forced to the margins.’

It’s true — although lately, lots of attention has been focused on President Trump’s brazen abuse of power (and obstruction of justice) as exemplified in the Ukraine scandal, his policies are still putting the safety of immigrant communities and other marginalized people in serious question. This week, the House unveiled their formal articles of impeachment against Trump — and, at the same time, his administration kept pursuing their anti-immigrant agenda through means like the reallocation of resources for a southern border wall.

Meanwhile, Sanders has kept his campaign going strong with his attempts to bring a voice to the working class through policies to upend issues like student loan and medical debt. Recently, a moment went viral in which a veteran who’d previously been suicidal while facing massive medical debt reunited with Sanders and thanked him for his support.

Sanders shared:

‘When I met John, a veteran, a few months ago, he had $139,000 in medical debt. Thankfully today he is doing much better. We must eliminate all medical debt—and when our veterans come home, they must receive the best quality health care this country can provide them.’

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign sticks to their platforms of hate and discrimination, putting the lives and safety of Americans at risk.

At present, in national polling, former Vice President Joe Biden leads among Democratic presidential contenders, and Sanders is in second. In the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders is also in second place, but there, South Bend, Indiana’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads the pack. If the already nationally volatile Buttigieg campaign fell out even a little, the consistent Sanders campaign could easily fill the void.