McCabe Demands Apology From Trump After Report Exonerates Him


Donald Trump goes after anyone who disagrees with him, because he holds that either a person is with him or they are his enemy. One of the first people to fall under the president’s wrathful gaze was Andrew McCabe. The man who was the former acting FBI director, leading a premier lawful organization, had a sobering response.

CNN contributor Andrew McCabe was exonerated by the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector Generals’s (IG) new 435-page report. The president had accused him of “treason” and announced that the penalty for that crime was “death.” McCabe told CNN‘s Prime Time host Chris Cuomo about that experience, that it was “quite honestly terrifying:”

‘To spend your life dedicated to protecting America and upholding the Constitution and then to be accused by the President of treason and suggest — and have him further put the suggestion out that the proper penalty for us would be death — I can’t describe to you how revolting that is and quite honestly terrifying.’

The inspector general (IG) watchdog’s report investigated the FBI’s Russia investigation. The results blew Trump’s conspiracy theories wide apart.  McCabe continued noting that Trump represented a “disgusting level of disrespect:”

‘It is just the exact opposite of who we are as government servants, it dishonors the commitments and the work that we did to try investigate what we now know is a completely valid investigation. And it’s just a disgusting level of disrespect for the people who serve this country everyday.’

The Justice Department (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz had found that the FBI had some “major errors” with its FISA process. Its process for requesting surveillance on an American citizen and consultant to the Trump 2016 presidential election, Carter Page was seriously flawed. Regardless, the IG found that the FBI opened its investigation into Russian election interference appropriately.

Screen-Shot-2019-12-10-at-8.32.55-AM McCabe Demands Apology From Trump After Report Exonerates Him Corruption Crime Featured National Security Top Stories Earlier Tuesday, McCabe told CNN’s Erin Burnett  “I expected this result” by the IG:

‘I was there. I know that we didn’t do anything wrong. Rather than do something wrong, rather than, you know, plot the coup that the President and the Republicans have been talking about for two years, what we did was our jobs.’

Trump fired McCabe in March 2018 after attacking him verbally and accusing him of misleading the inspector general in the DOJ. The former acting FBI director wrote one of the few cogent well-written books during this time. The title was The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.  

Screen-Shot-2019-12-10-at-8.33.16-AM McCabe Demands Apology From Trump After Report Exonerates Him Corruption Crime Featured National Security Top Stories

McCabe released a statement writing that he fell in the president’s “ongoing war on the FBI:

‘This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to taint the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally.’

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