Trump Goes On Vicious Xmas Eve Attack Of FBI Agents


The former National Security Adviser (NSA) Mike Flynn was spilling his guts to the FBI  about what Donald Trump had done. Flynn was a treasure trove of information. He worked on the president’s 2016 presidential campaign and frequently flew on then-candidate Trump’s personal jet with him. The judge told him to ask for a later court date so that he could see what else he could do for the FBI. Finally, the president’s former adviser caught on and asked for a delay. Then, he did a 360-degree turn. Why?

People speculate that Flynn was performing for the president again, vying for a pardon. After all, he hired a Fox-friendly attorney. Trump’s former work-for-free campaign chair Paul Manafort has been serving his sentence, sans hair dye. Whether he will get a pardon is still up in the air, but there was one person possibly very high on the president’s pardon list.

The New York Daily News reporter Chris Sommerfeldt tweeted about what POTUS said early Tuesday morning.  The commander-in-chief may be considering pardoning his longtime friend and adviser Roger Stone. Trump responded to reporters about the FBI, saying it “was very unfair” in dealing with Stone:

””He’s a good person and what they did to him was very unfair,” Trump says when asked if he’s going to pardon Roger Stone. “Evil people…We have no place in our country for people like that,” he says of the FBI and other agencies that investigated Russia’s 2016 election attack.’

The president spoke to reporters Tuesday morning. He intimated that he might pardon Stone, because after all convicting him was “very unfair.”

Not only that, he called the FBI officials “evil people,” because they investigated his campaign.

‘President Trump was just asked if he would pardon Roger Stone. No direct answer but he mentions how he and General Flynn were treated very unfairly. “They got very very hard, and now they’re finding out it was all a big hoax.”‘

When the reporters asked Trump whether he was going to pardon Stone, he replied this about the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s attack on the U.S. elections in 2016:

‘He’s a good person and what they did to him was very unfair. Evil people…We have no place in our country for people like that.’

Stone has been a GOP campaign strategist for decades, and he fosters his reputation for “dirty tricks.” The,n he bragged about being the backchannel to WikiLeak, for the Trump campaign. The jury convicted him for seven counts of lying to Congress, obstruction, and witness tampering.

The president told The Palm Beach Post:

‘Pardon him? Well, I haven’t thought of it. I think it’s very tough what they did to Roger Stone compared to what they do to other people, on their side.’

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