Pelosi Tweets Impeachment Evidence Video & Goes Viral Fast


This week, the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump really got underway with opening arguments and the approval of an initial rules resolution covering the proceedings. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) seems to be watching what’s happening closely. This Wednesday morning, as the trial was set to continue and the president’s defense team was set to continue digging into their desperate arguments for Trump, Pelosi tweeted a video outlining evidence that brought the president to this point. Trump’s defenders can gesticulate angrily all they want, but — as this video reminds observers — they can’t escape the facts of the situation.

The clip that Pelosi posted featured headlines progressing from initial revelations of Trump’s attempt to bribe Ukraine through confirmations of the scandal through his impeachment in the House on charges of abuse of power (and obstruction of Congress).

She shared:

‘President Trump confessed and then he tried to cover it up. Remember how we got here and why we need to #DefendOurDemocracy.’

In the video, she added:

‘The president abused his power. Corrupted our elections. Compromised our national security. He left Congress no choice. No one is above the law.’

In fact, Trump offered a de facto confession to one of the charges just this week! While in Davos, Switzerland, for the latest incarnation of the World Economic Forum, Trump boasted to reporters that supposedly, House impeachment case managers couldn’t even have evidence because “we have all the material; they don’t have the material.” He’s referring to his unprecedented campaign to try and lockdown anything and anyone from getting to Congress — and he’s proud of it! How much more brazen can you get?

Check out Twitter’s response to Pelosi below…