Susan Collins 2020 Re-Election Chances Take Significant Blow


Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) reminds us of Lucy van Pelt, the little girl offering advice for five cents in Charles Schultz’s cartoons. But why? Collins is like Lucy, who holds the football for Charlie Brown and snatches it away at the last moment. The Maine senator dangles her Democratic-leaning vote then snatches it away. Now, she has a threat on the horizon.

Nearly 4,200 Maine voters helped Sara Gideon meet her $3.5 million fourth-quarter fundraising goal last year. On top of that, most of the donations were under $100:

‘We call it #SupperWithSara – traveling to talk with Mainers wherever they live. Sign up to find out when we’ll be in your community:’

Democrats throughout the country want to trade Collins in for Democrat Gideon. The sitting senator really did herself in by dangling a vote against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh until the last moment. Then, just like Lucy did, Collins pulled her vote and handed it to the Republicans.

Kavanaugh was an especially poor choice, because an expert on women’s trauma testified against him. This same woman accused the justice of sexually attacking her when they were both in high school. In spite of this incriminating evidence, the Republican-led Senate voted him in for a life appointment.

There were a few Democrats challenging Gideon for the primary, but apparently, none reached her status. In addition, the speaker just picked up several powerful endorsements, including that of Planned Parenthood.

Collins has served in the U.S. Senate since 1997.

Gideon tweeted about her success:

Our campaign raised $3.5 million last quarter! We’re building a movement here in Maine, and it’s because of supporters like you. #MESen #mepolitics Join our team:’

Then, Gideon tweeted about Collins “dark money:”

‘In 2010, Senator Collins was the deciding vote against the DISCLOSE Act, which would require dark money groups to disclose their donors. It’s time we crack down on secret spending in our elections. Read my plan:’

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Gideon has had several priorities. These included: access to affordable healthcare, cracking down on pharmaceutical companies, Maine’s workforce shortage, tax shortages, the opioid crisis, and women’s rights.

U.S. Senate candidate Sara Gideon released the following statement on the anniversary of the Senate vote according to her website:

‘From bean suppers in Brewer to roundtable discussions in Lewiston, I’ve heard from Maine families in every corner of this state about the issues they face, like the cost of prescription drug prices, lack of affordable health care, and crippling student debt. Instead of addressing the challenges Mainers face, Senator Collins supported a tax bill that handed a massive break to the wealthy and corporations. Mainers deserve a Senator who will fight for them in the Senate, not special interests. That’s exactly why I’m running.”’The Mueller Report Adventures: In Bite-Sizes on this Facebook page. These quick, two-minute reads interpret the report in normal English for busy people. Mueller Bite-Sizes uncovers what is essentially a compelling spy mystery. Interestingly enough, Mueller Bite-Sizes can be read in any order.